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Quarantine Project: Day 7

Today's post is another (super) short and sweet one. I present to you, day 7:

This heart hug idea came from a line work piece I saw on Pinterest, and was done on watercolor paper with an Artist's Loft palette and brushes. The color I added started as something else, but is meant to look like a starry galaxy. I toyed with the idea of going for a minimalist look and leaving it colorless, but this seemed to fit better with the message I ended up wanting to evoke. While it's far from perfect, this might be my favorite of this project so far.

For me, this piece serves as a reminder to be kind to yourself and try to find compassion during times of uncertainty. I do believe (hope) that the world we return to after COVID-19 will be one of greater thought and appreciation. But for that to happen, humanity must first turn inward and find these qualities within themselves, individually. My painting is a small way of saying how necessary it is to cultivate kindness and patience during a crisis of this scale. It bears repeating that the entire globe is experiencing this together. No matter how it feels, we are not alone and we are only as doomed as we decide to behave. It's no easy feat trying to remain positive, but if each day we can arm ourselves with this knowledge and choose compassion, I think we're looking at a much better society down the line.

This week, I encourage my readers to seek out small acts of kindness, whether they be for yourself or others. (Take a bubble bath, Venmo a stranger in need, order takeout from your favorite local business.) It might not feel like it, but the things we say and do during this time will set the course for our future. Be mindful of what you're telling yourself and take action with the intention of serving some kind of good.

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