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Quarantine Project: Day 5

After my previous post for this project, I was thinking a lot about time management and finding a balance between work and play during such strange times. With this in mind, and after getting two very specific sets of bad news yesterday, I've decided to start posting my quarantine project series every other day instead of daily.

I realized that I've been overestimating my ability to be creative during a global pandemic. This new schedule is for my own sake, but it will also allow me to share content that means something rather than just pumping out posts to meet a self-imposed quota. So while creativity is still something I want to prioritize during quarantine, I've accepted that there will be days when I just can't quite rally like others. And that's okay.

So. Day five is short and sweet. After browsing for inspo on Instagram, I decided to have some fun with my makeup collection:

I did a rainbow look that's much more colorful than my usually neutral aesthetic. It was fun to experiment despite the stress of getting my eyeliner even and trying to build up pigment. Overall I'm happy with the final product; the red lip and unkempt brows are a bit bolder than I tend to go for, but I think I made them work. Products used are mostly Colourpop (eyes are courtesy of their Yes, Please palette and creme gel liner in piggy bank and electric daisy, as well as Wet n Wild's megaliner in voltage blue). Brows are a combo of Wet n Wild's ultimatebrow in ash brown and Glossier's boybrow in brown. Lip color is an untitled liquid gloss from ABH.

I guess what I learned in the process is that even if you're feeling all gloom and doom, a bit of color can do you good. Not all bad news is an easy workaround and not every bad mood can be a quick fix- but that's why you have to pick your battles. Sometimes the best thing to do is wallow, like I did all morning. Sometimes it's best to at least try and snap yourself out of it, like I did with this look. Pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you, and don't be afraid to feel whatever it is you need to feel.

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