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Quarantine Project: Day 3

Day three of this project is birthday edition! Today's post is presented to you by the gift I'll be sending my friend for her 22nd (and yes, she's been warned not to read this).

My friend had a creative solution for her birthday in quarantine. In place of people buying her gifts, she asked friends and family to send her a piece of art they made; in exchange, she'll send something back to everyone who participates. Her idea was so in keeping with the spirit of this project that I had to share my contribution with the rest of you. As my friend is a photographer who's spent no shortage of time documenting our little adventures, I decided to make her a scrapbook/walk down memory lane:

Like yesterday's project, this is still a WIP. These are the pages I have so far, which only chronicle up to a year after we graduated high school. I had no qualms about cutting up those Halloween 2017 photos, but I'll be putting more recent photos in an envelope so my friend can choose what she wants to do with them. For example, these photos from one of our last excursions before I moved to LA:

For the scrapbook itself I'm using a simple white booklet I had leftover from a years-ago Michael's trip. I gathered the photos I was willing to part with and started the painstaking process of organizing how I wanted them on the page. Once all the pictures are set, I'll be filling the whitespace with notes, "remember whens," and words of encouragement.

So far I've learned that it's tough to sum up what four years of friendship have meant to you in a just a few pages. As with the rest of my quarantine project so far, this did reinforce how therapeutic it can be to just sit down and make something with your own hands. All the better if what you make can be used to brighten someone else's day.

This week my challenge to readers is to find a way to provide a bit of cheer, inspiration, or assistance to others. Because despite how it might feel, we are not powerless in this situation. Every day that we wake up, we are faced with a choice of how we want to show up in this world. During a time when the media only seems to show destruction, I hope others will join me in choosing to be a voice for creation and connection.

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