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Quarantine Project: Day 1

First post of this challenge is short and sweet:

I made this collage with Canva because I have yet to purchase Photoshop since my student membership expired (you know, global pandemics and all). If you didn't already guess, quarantivity = quarantine + creativity. Sadly, a quick Google search did tell me that I'm not the first person to coin this term.

In total I spent about an hour on this, most of which was dedicated to adjusting the size of that one bird two hundred times. Overall I'd say the process was fun, though it did remind me just how deep my perfectionist tendencies run. (You do not want to know how many times I changed the colors around on this thing.) I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I love collages, mostly because they can have a lot of depth to them or mean absolutely nothing. Something about all that arbitrary decision making really lights my fire. In this case, you can probably tell that my logic tracked at first but pretty quickly dissolved into random association.

Still, I'd call day one a success. If you also happened to make something cool today, feel free to submit it via my website, Facebook or Instagram. I'd love to see what kind of creativity this quarantine brings out of others. I'm also happy to promote artists whose income may be impacted by all the shutdowns. If you're still looking for ways to find balance during this crazy time, check out last week's post about surviving social distancing. And be sure to check back tomorrow to see what other nonsense I come up with. Until then, wishing everyone a safe and productive-as-possible quarantine!

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