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Launching My Quarantine Project

Recently I've been seeing a lot of discussions about the importance of exercising creativity. I'll be the first to recognize that right now is not an easy time to be creative. Maybe, like me, you even feel a bit guilty for being inspired at a time like this. That being said, I'm a firm believer that a) everyone needs an outlet, and b) sometimes your best work is born from dark places.

In other words, hours of blankly refreshing social apps has inspired me to start a little quarantine project of my own. My goal is to complete one creative activity daily, then share my process/results/experience in a post. Pretty straightforward, but I wanted to keep the guidelines as broad as possible for those looking to join in. Right now your guess is good as mine in terms of what this project will look like. You can feel free to submit any ideas you'd like to see on my site or through Young, Dumb & Writing's Facebook or Instagram.

Full disclosure: I say daily, but given the nature of this project I'm not going to be too stringent with myself. Still, I do want to prioritize time for creativity and will do my best to document everything here. Some of the projects will be inspired by email prompts from Write, Play, Draw. Anybody can subscribe in order to get creative prompts in their inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. (Not sponsored, just a site I've been enjoying lately.)

These are unnerving times. I encourage everyone to keep making things and finding ways to express yourself. Try to lend an hour of your (now very long) day to being creative. If you're anything like me, your brain will definitely thank you for it.

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