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Development & Production

The Illustrated Courtroom

Producer, Director | Planet Side Productions | Dec 2018 - Present 

While under immense pressure, courtroom illustrators capture the vivid humanity behind public identity.

Quiet on Set

Writer, Producer, Director | Independent Horror | Feb 2019  (Stalled)

It's lights, camera, zombies for a group of film ​students trapped on set during a sudden outbreak.

Nonfiction Writing

Event Planning

The Illustrated Courtroom Presents: An Evening With Bill Robles | November 2019

A gallery showcase put together in support of the upcoming docuseries The Illustrated Courtroom. This event involved a teaser trailer screening, a Q&A panel with the prolific Bill Robles, and an exhibition of 20 pieces featured in the documentary. I was heavily involved in the marketing and planning phase of the gallery and oversaw everything from invitations to appetizers to exhibition set up. This experience involved a great deal of proactivity and creative brainstorming. It reinforced the importance of communication and branding in order to effectively connect with your audience. 

American Vandal Q&A | November 2018

A panel which allowed Emerson students to meet the creators of the popular Netflix series American Vandal. This event began with several months of correspondence, budgeting, and coordinating travel. In preparation for the event I assisted with scheduling, managing funds and booking flights and accommodations. On the day of the panel, I was responsible for attending dinner with Tony and Dan and debriefing them on the event. During the panel I handled check in, oversaw a successful screening of an episode, and mediated audience questions. This experience taught me how critical the preparation stage is when overseeing an event of this scale, as well as how to adapt and find creative solutions to problems along the way.

A photo of a poster advertising a Q&A panel event with the creators of the popular Netflix series American Vandal, put on by Emerson College students

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