About Kenzi

Kenzi Vaughan is a recent graduate of Emerson College with a Bachelor's in Visual and Media Arts Production. While most of her experience is as a writer, Kenzi is currently in post-production for an independent docuseries titled The Illustrated Courtroom, which she produced and co-directed. Beyond this, Kenzi also has several comedic and horror WIPs.

Kenzi has experience with transcription, proofreading, research and marketing, in addition to all phases of production. During college she produced, co-hosted, and acted as head writer for multiple seasons of a comedic web series called Internews. Kenzi has worked in a handful of roles on and off set and has an affinity for script supervising. She previously interned with Vertigo Entertainment, during which time she provided heavy script coverage, administrative support, and gained familiarity with the development process.

While her interests tend to vary wildly, Kenzi is passionate about telling stories that meet the audience on a human level. Beyond film and TV, Kenzi enjoys a good book, messy art, and taking the scenic route. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

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